20 1 / 2012

Minerva Fellows Mark O’Shea and Brenny Kinnane are working tirelessly to get water to the clinic in Ddegeya, Ugana, which could ignite the expansion of the clinic to include a maternity ward, as well as provide the village with better access to fresh water, spurring further growth.

DONATE HERE! They’re trying to raise $3500 by mid February!

Here’s what Brenny has to say about it: “The first goal of the water project is to provide an endless supply of water for EHC so that its staff and residents would never need to fetch water, or pay to have water fetched, down at the borehole ever again. There are four buildings on Engeye’s compound and only one of them is currently harvesting rainwater. By placing gutters on the additional three roofs available EHC would capture nearly quadruple the amount of rainwater it currently can. And rather than purchasing more plastic cisterns to store this water, it would be more efficient to collect all the water in one place, a massive belowground tank. Having observed such a tank at a nearby NGO and discussed the design with the engineer who oversaw its construction, it seemed prudent to mimic the structure in our project. The fifty thousand-liter tank would increase water storage capacity more than six times the present capacity and thereby effectively assure that EHC never experiences a dry season again...”

If you would like to learn more, here’s Brenny’s post about the water project.